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When We Walk (Sunday)


Filmmaker Jason DaSilva has been living with a severe form of multiple sclerosis for over 10 years. In his wheelchair, Jason begins to realize just how many places he is unable to experience with his son. To solve that, he works on a nonprofit AXS Map to help him determine the places he could go. When his son moves 1700 miles away to Austin, Texas he is unable to cope with this loss. He attempts to relocate to Austin which reveals to him the extent of the broken Medicaid system, and ultimately discovers that the Medicaid system would require him to live in a nursing home. When We Walk documents a devoted father and filmmaker with an indestructible drive to keep the cameras rolling no matter what and to show his son what it means to never give up.
Paired with the Short Film, Edwin


  • WHEN WE WALK Jason DaSilva

    Director, Writer

  • WHEN WE WALK Leigh DaSilva | Jason DaSilva | Richard O’Connell


  • WHEN WE WALK Jase DaSilva | Edward DaSilva

    Principal Cast

  • EDWIN Ya’Ke Smith


  • EDWIN Carlos Estrada


  • EDWIN Edwin Debrow, Jr.

    Principal Cast

March 29, 2020
Sun 3:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 45M

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