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The Dallas Video Fest brings to North Texas the first film festival with movies shot only with mobile phones. The “Big D Mobile Phone Film Fest” will level the playing field for all amateur and professional film makers. Creative minds do not need fancy cameras and equipment to bring their stories to life. Have a phone that shoots video, write a script, make a movie, see it on the big screen.

You Saved Me
The film is a true story and was filmed in various locations throughout Scotland including Angus (Lunan Bay), Aberdeenshire (Alford) and Stirling (Bridge of Allan).

Pulpe Fiction
Which luscious candidate will pass the casting?"

Feast is a one-minute movie captured on a mobile phone camera featuring three small kids, who are laughing their hearts out over a feast. Suddenly, a heavy voice breaks their party The truth which unfolds is sure to get one jolted.

The Want
The unknown is frightening. A visit from a stranger, heals one mother's fears bringing her peace. The journey is hers. The choice. Love. The want.

Ana walks home at night after yoga, on the journey she feels that danger is coming closer.

Vacation with buddies becomes an opportunity to see the lives of Fisherman up close, a perfect learning experience

A Perilous Case Of Red Riding Hood
A dark twist on a well-known fairy tale, about a grandmother eaten by a wolf.

Millions of children do not have access to education. The film is a heart-wrenching interaction between two kids.

Stage Of Mind
The struggle to reach a goal. A young person's approach to the world, to opportunities, and about the changes that take place within. The material struggle is portrayed by the weights and the spiritual development manifests in the dance.
The film depicts character development.

Paper Trail
Follow the paper trail

A skeptic man finds difficulty dealing with reality and feels defeated and
exhausted by life. One day, a Bodhisattva--Kanzeon Bosatsu--appears in the
figure of a woman and preaches the absolute truth of this world by quoting a part
of the Heart Sutra. This story is based on a mixture of philosophy, Buddhism and

Lelia, a 25-year-old girl in a unisex sports sweatshirt with a barely noticeable make-up and a casual hairstyle, finally meets her peer and an old friend after a long break. Her friend is a blonde girl with a bright appearance and deep neckline.
Lelia starts telling her friend about her problems, recording a live broadcast on the social network.

d his aspirations in the city.

A teenager unwillingly deletes her best friend in this bittersweet coming of age story set in a world where augmented reality has gamified existence.

Screen Age
This film is about the unspoken, ongoing battle between one girl’s willpower and a conglomerate of tech algorithms designed to keep her logged on: A bookish girl wants to finish her homework before bedtime. But her online addictions to social media, games and shopping come to life and take her on a series of phantasmagorical adventures. The clock is ticking...can she resist temptation and get home in time? [Shot on iPhone X]

Submerged by the noise of the city, a young woman finds refuge into a world of silence.



  • Robyn Spice

    "I'm 26 years old from a small rural town in Scotland. It is my goal and my passion to tell meaningful stories. I believe that every person (or indeed in this case animal!) has a powerful and unique story to tell.

    I am at the beginning of my filmmaking career and I'm constantly looking to make thought provoking films that engage a wide audience.

    I particularly like to incorporate topics surrounding mental health into my short films as it is an issue I am extremely passionate about and an issue in 2019 that the world seems to be becoming more open to talking about.

    I look forward to hearing any feedback you have on this short film shot entirely on an iPhone X. I enjoyed the simplicity of making this film, looking for the story to guide the narrative and using minimal equipment. "


    "Janek Tarkowski is a self-taught screenwriter and film director who is fascinated by the study of how the advancement of technology affects society.

    A Humanities Postgrad, he first worked as a media consultant before finally making the big move to dedicate his life to filmmaking. He started of as director and producer in an audiovisual production company whilst developing his own personal projects on the side, before finally becoming a full-time independent filmmaker."

  • Vevek Paul

  • Lori Saux

  • Marcos Obregón

  • Ramoth Raj Pulla

  • Vinamra Pancharia

  • Zsuzsi Kecskeméti

  • Emily Brown

  • Tokujiro Hamano

    "Percussionist, singer, songwriter, and arranger of the group ‘7sonora’ (“Nana
    Sonora”), Tokujiro Hamano is also the director, cameraman, and editor of this
    music video. Born in 1973 in Hyogo prefecture, Japan, Hamano began
    photography by himself while studying Spanish at university. After a one-year
    stay in Mexico he started his career as a Latin percussionist and songwriter. To
    date, he has composed nearly one hundred songs in Spanish, and there is no
    doubt that he is one of the few songwriters in Japan who writes lyrics in Spanish.
    As a percussionist he played for several years with the Shiki Theatre Company in
    Osaka in Disney's ‘The Lion King’ production. He also regularly performs live
    music, especially Latin music, mostly in the Kansai area but also throughout

  • Sergei Mikushin

    Born on March 27, 1974 in Tyumen. In 1996 graduated from the Tyumen State University, Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, specializing in the philology of the German language. Since 1993 till 1997 while studying he worked as a translator of the German language. Since 1997 to the present time he is engaged in business activities. In 2014 he studied at the New York Academy courses in Moscow.

  • Jorge Barahona

    Raised in El Paso and graduated from New Mexico State University with the emphasis in Digital Filmmaking. Co-Founder of Bored Film Studios and Barahona Brothers Productions.

  • Andréanne Germain

    Germain’s love of movies began in the 90s, when she’d skip school to catch a weekday matinee from the back row of the theatre, feet up on the seats below. A French Canadian filmmaker and picture editor, she has directed docs for the National Film Board of Canada, couchsurfed across Europe to produce documentary content for TV5’s Müvmédia and has worked in feature film distribution for Universal Studios. When she isn't working on her own projects, she finds herself editing branded content for various agencies.

  • Cal Viet Thacher

    Cal is student at Lowell High School and SF Art & Film for Teenagers. He lives in San Francisco with his parents, brother and sister.

  • Elizabet Marlo

  • Tom F. Pardo

    "Tom F. Pardo is a French film director, screenwriter, editor and photographer.

    Pardo has loved motion picture for as long as he can remember. Shooting short films with friends by the age of 12, and cutting videos throughout his teenage years, his first aspiration was to become a copywriter in an advertising agency.

    After a master degree in Communication & Media at the Paris School of Business and a dual-degree in the US, Tom landed a few student jobs from video editor in Los Angeles to PA in New York, and junior producer in his native Paris. He then moved to London, where he worked for nearly three years as an assistant editor in a movie trailer house based in Soho. This opportunity allowed him to expand his knowledge in editing and color grading (that he learned with world-renowned color house Company 3) while reinforcing his desire to tell stories using picture and sound.

    At the age of 26, he realized that his polyvalent and curious mind won’t allow him to focus on a single discipline, and so decided to become a film director, a position that would satiate his passions for writing, photography and post-production. His first short film, Submerged, won the Grand Jury Prize and the Public’s Choice Award at the PLUG Film Festival in Nice in september 2019, and is about to start a festival run around the world. Alongside this project, Tom is also working on two short films, including one animated film, along with his first live-action feature, Riviera."

  • Malwina Wodzicka

    "Independent filmmaker Malwina Wodzicka is a native of Poland and has worked in Europe, the U.S. and Australia for the past eight years as a director, writer, editor and a teacher. Films she has edited and directed have gained international recognition and were official selections for festivals such as Palm Springs Shortfest, Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Kinofilm International Short Film Festival in Manchester, Citizen Jane International Film Festival in Missouri and many others.

    Malwina’s work is always trying to reveal the problematic truth about human nature; telling stories of characters struggling with dramatic decisions that can or already have changed their lives. "

April 5, 2020
Sun 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 30M

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