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Seven Short films About (Our) Marriage

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A tempestuous romantic drama in seven vignettes that chronicles an interracial marriage, telling a story of turmoil and tenderness as two people try to make their relationship last. Proceed Back to the City is a short video by Cash Sirois and Jason Seely at the Well. It set the tone of where we are here in Dallas and we embark on this journey seeing video from around the world. The short fly around our normal bustling city showing the emptiness that reflects where we are and how we feel. S_15 ]by Robert Machoian This short explores the emotional aspects of filmmaking.


  • Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen is an award-winning writer and director. His feature films have screened at festivals throughout the United States and Canada, have been released theatrically in Los Angeles and New York, and have been reviewed in the LA Times, The Village Voice and the LA Weekly, among many others. His films include The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, Clean Freak, Endings, Where We Started, and Blur Circle.

    Chris resides in Robinson, Texas with his wife and their four daughters. You can read more about his work in film and screenwriting at his website, (

  • Robert Machoian

    Born in the small town of King City California, and raised up in the DIY Punk culture, Robert has been taking photographs his whole life and making films for well over a decade. His films have premiered at the Sundance, SXSW, LA and Tribeca Film Festivals in the States and have screened at festivals around world. His second feature, God Bless the Child, made with his directing partner Robert Ojeda-Beck, received a rave review in The New York Times and won numerous awards, including best film at CPH:DOX, even though it was a narrative hybrid. Robert and Rodrigo were then nominated for a Cinema Eye Honors Heterdox and Indie Spirit Filmmaker to Watch Awards. Focusing on people living everyday lives whose stories often go untold, they bring their unique vision to weave deeply personal stories that absorb their audiences. Robert has won awards for his cinematography and his photographs have appeared in such magazines at Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire and Bright Ideas. His work comes from the intimate experiences of his life and the lives of those around him.

April 2, 2020
Thu 7:00 PM CDT

Duration 2H 30M

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